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Environmental Issues

Whitelee Wind Farm information panel

Interpretation board in canopied shelter, for Whitelee Wind Farm.

In designing and producing our signs, we always try to operate in an environmentally friendly way.


We only use timber from sustainable source and, wherever possible, use locally grown and processed wood.  Much of it, particularly the oak we use, originates from woodland in and around the Scottish Borders, and is processed by a local company that was set up to source and promote the use of native Scottish hardwood which might otherwise be lost as a natural resource.

Since the year 2001 we have reduced our use of solvents by around 95% and now use almost exclusively water based wood stains and preservatives.  Because of the wide range of our products, we are able to make very efficient use of raw materials and so our wastage tends to be minimal.

Environmental issues are always at the forefront of our thinking and we make improvements on an ongoing basis.

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