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Methods and Materials

Dollar Glen information sign

Information board in an upright oak frame with routed header board.

Mikhail Lermontov panel, Earlston, Scottish Borders

Panel in powder-coated steel lectern.

One of the most important criteria for our signage is that it should give long term use, even when sited in a particularly exposed or vandal-prone location.  We have produced signs for places as diverse as Orkney and Ascension Island as well as numerous inner city sites, so they have been well tested over the years.

Our printing methods are specifically designed for long term outdoor use and give top quality graphic reproduction with an life expectancy of up to 10 years without significant fading.

Most of our graphics are produced in PETG, a material we have used for many years and which has proved itself time and time again in the most testing of conditions.  Besides standing up to almost anything the elements can throw at it, it also has excellent resistance to most forms of vandalism.

​Where vandalism is perceived to be a serious problem, our steel mounts tend to be the preferred option.  These are robustly built with a tough powder-coated finish and the facility to replace panels relatively easily should any damage take place.

Our timber structures are also very strongly made and can be expected to give long life in most locations.  The timber types we use most commonly are oak, Douglas fir, larch and pressure-treated softwood.

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