Human Resources

Battle of Linlithgow Bridge panel, West Lothian

A panel newly installed in Linlithgow.

We have a team of committed and self-motivated staff members from a wide range of backgrounds, a mix allows us to draw upon a mine of expertise and helps us to solve problems or come up with innovative solutions for the challenges presented to us.

We aim to make every project as straightforward for the client as possible, using our experience to identify and solve any potential problems before they arise.  Communication, responsiveness and an eye for detail are key to our operations and these help us overcome any difficulties which might be caused by being separated by distance from our clients.

Health & Safety

Our workshops use up to date and modern equipment and have well-trained and experienced staff. 

We have an excellent safety record with no serious accident or injury sustained during 40 years in business.  We have a comprehensive company Health & Safety Manual developed in partnership with a specialist consultant whose services we retain and who is available to help with risk assessments on specific projects or when out on site. 

We also carry full Employers’ and Public Liability Insurance.