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Map Design & Illustrations

Many of the boards we design have a requirement for a map or plan of the site or area in question, especially those which are going to be used as an entrance sign or to give an overview of the location.

Map design is a very specialised field but we have that capability in house and have designed many over the years, in a variety of styles, from small plans of gardens, parks etc., right up to large regional maps.  We try to make them as attractive as possible as they often provide the main feature on a panel, around which other information and illustrations are displayed.

Just a few examples are shown below.

We also need to produce original illustrations for many of our boards. These can encompass a wide diversity of topics, including historical reconstructions, buildings, wildlife, landscapes, machinery, costume etc.  We have needed to be incredibly versatile to cover such a wide range of styles and subject matter.

Get in touch if you would like further information:

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