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Interpretive Panels

The Osprey Company has been involved with the design and manufacture of heritage interpretation since the 1970s, when it was still a relatively new and developing medium.  We were one of the first companies in the UK to specialise in the field and have been involved with many hundreds of interpretive projects over the years.


Since that time, interpretation has developed greatly and become a requisite feature at heritage sites and other places of interest - something visitors expect to see. It has also become a very specialised field, with many organisations employing dedicated staff to oversee their interpretive strategy and develop projects for specific sites.

The Osprey Company has helped many of these organisations with their plans and also been at the forefront of introducing new and alternative approaches and materials. The knowledge we have gained from this involvement gives us the experience to be able to offer advice on most aspects of interpretive design and production techniques.

If properly done, heritage interpretation can perform two very important functions.  Firstly, it can enhance the visitor’s experience of the site by imparting information, pointing out things of interest and hopefully stimulating their imagination to explore and find out more for themselves.


Secondly, it can be of benefit to the site itself, by explaining its importance, the measures that are being undertaken to conserve or improve it and the things that visitors can do to help and support that process.

Our graphics panels are most often produced in PETG, a material we have used for many years and which has proved itself time and time again in the most testing of conditions.  Besides standing up to almost anything the elements can throw at it, it also has excellent resistance to most forms of vandalism.  It is a clear material, normally 5mm thick, and the graphics are printed onto its reverse face so that they are completely protected by the full thickness of the material.

Panels can be supplied unmounted and may be drilled and screwed for fixing to a backing.  However it should be remembered that materials of this type are subject to expansion and contraction as temperatures change during the course of the year and so some allowance for movement should be taken into account.  Because of this, we highly recommend that the panels are displayed in one of our own mounting options as these have been specially designed to allow for this movement whilst providing the best levels of protection.

We manufacture a wide range of different mounts for displaying our interpretive panels, in various styles, formats and materials.  These have evolved and been improved upon over the years, based on long term usage in all kinds of locations as well as feedback from customers.

Our standard timber lecterns can be supplied in a choice of different timbers - all from sustainable source. They are specially designed to allow the graphics panel to expand and contract as temperatures change throughout the year. We also produce an upright structure which uses a similar style of frame.

For our timber structures, we generally use Dulux Weathershield Aquatech protective woodstain which is water-based and available in a range of colours.

Our steel lecterns incorporate many of the features from our timber structures including the bevelled edge which helps to eliminate sharp edges and corners. The graphics panel is sandwiched between two steel frames and so is well-protected against vandalism. It is also relatively easy to replace the panel should it ever suffer damage or need to be updated.

Most of our steel structures are powder-coated to give a hard protective finish.  They are base coated with Azko Nobel Interpon epoxy primer for corrosion protection. There is a choice of RAL colours, the most popular choices being black, dark green RAL6005, brown RAL8011 and dark blue RAL5013.

Besides our standard mounts are various more stylised options which may originally have been developed for a particular project or location but which proved so successful that they were adopted for other projects and become ranges in their own right.

Some projects, whether due to the location, the theme or the aspirations of the client, demand a more distinctive and unique approach.  The Osprey Company is perfectly set up to meet this kind of brief.  Our combination of wide-ranging in house facilities, skills base, experience and natural creativity have allowed us to successfully meet many such challenges over the years.

This page only shows a few examples of the styles of signs we have produced.  You will find more photographs in our gallery section. If anything in particular catches your eye, please get in touch and we will be happy to give further information and indicative costs.

Get in touch if you would like further information:

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