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Notice Boards and Lockable Cabinets

We manufacture lockable display cabinets for displaying notices etc. in a range of sizes and formats and with a choice of different timber types. They are glazed in vandal resistant PETG and can be supplied with or without posts and with the option of a routed header board.

Our cabinets are made to order, so there are no set sizes or specifications.  Most often, they are manufactured in either treated softwood, hardwood or oak, with A2, A1 and A0 being the most popular choices, in both portrait and landscape formats.  However, we are happy to accommodate any specific needs that our clients might have for a particular site.  Our cabinets are often incorporated along with one of our interpretive panels in a combined structure.

Just a few examples shown below. 


*N.B. Due to recent retirement and subsequent re-organisation, some of the products shown on our website may not currently be available.  Please contact us with any queries in this regard. Thank you.

Get in touch if you would like further information:

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