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Nature Watch

Nature Watch is a range of over 400 different 'off the shelf' interpretive panels covering individual wildlife species and various other nature topics. These can be mixed and matched to suit a specific location or changed seasonally to keep a display fresh and up to date. There is a range of mounting options and a complementary range of visitor management signs


The range was first introduced in 1995 to provide inexpensive interpretation panels for conservation bodies, countryside rangers and reserve wardens. Since then, it has grown enormously and has been embraced by a wide variety of organisations who have dedicated areas of land for nature and who wish to provide an extra dimension of interest for their visitors.

Nature Watch

Nature Watch panels:

- Provide an extra dimension of interest for visitors
2 - Help explain the workings of nature
3 - Aid wildlife recognition
4 - Promote ecological awareness
5 - Are suitable for all age groups
6 - Are fully weather proof
7- Are vandal resistant

A range of optional wooden mounts

Nature Watch panels have become a popular feature in nature reserves, country parks, picnic areas, nature trails and footpaths, school and college grounds, caravan parks, golf courses, farm and rare breed parks, village greens, gardens and even around industrial and business sites - they are perfect for any location where wildlife and people come together.

The panels and signs are produced in tough PETG which has excellent vandal resistant qualities and they are suitable for long term outdoor use. The optional mounts are produced in sturdy, pressure-treated timber.

Besides the panels on individual species, there is a supplementary range of slightly larger panels called Nature Watch Plus. These cover particular habitats and other wildlife topics. 

There is also a range of visitor management signs to complement the panels.  These can be used in the mounts, along side the panels or as stand alone signs for fixing to posts, fences, walls etc.

Nature Watch Visitor Management Signs

See the full NW range here:

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