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Interpretive Design

Designing interpretive panels is a very specialised field. They need to be attractive and engaging and contain just the right level of information to visitors - enough to spark their interest and help them go away with a better understanding of the significance of the site but not be too long-winded or wordy.  Well chosen graphics and illustrations with captivating headings, good captions and concise explanations are generally the best way to go. Visitors can be directed to web sites or other publications to find additional information when they want it.

Many of our clients have their own design facilities and wish to supply us with finished artwork, ready to print.  Others might prefer just to supply text and illustrations and ask us to design the panel layout for them.  Then there are those who would like us to develop the whole thing, through concept and research to providing original  content and illustrations.  We are able to produce original illustrations and mapping where necessary (click here for information).  In essence, we are happy to take on projects from whatever stage the client feels they could benefit from our help.

There are two basic approaches to producing interpretation for particular locations. One is to provide an overview of the whole site, as might be suitable at access points for trails, car parking areas or in the centre of a village. These might often need to include a map with bullet points for the things to look out for.  These installations can be quite high profile, perhaps in upright format, with a header board or mounted in a canopied shelter, so that they can be seen from a distance.


For trails or on larger sites where there may be a number of diverse topics to be covered, it is generally better to have a series of smaller boards, each covering a particular point of interest.  These can generally be more discreet in style, perhaps in lectern format or using our signal post signs.

Below are just a very few examples of the many hundreds of interpretive panels we have designed over the years.

Get in touch if you would like further information:

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