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We manufacture a variety of waymarking signs, ranging from simple arrow disks to finger posts.  All of these are made to order, so there is no set style or design.  As with many of our other products, we try to tailor them to meet our clients' exact needs.

Our waymarker arrows are generally produced in PETG, the same weather and vandal resistant material that we use for our interpretive panels, though for these it is normally 3mm thick material rather than 5mm.  They can be made to any colour combination or design and in square or circular format.  The most popular size is 75mm but we have made them smaller and larger, to suit individual requirements.

We can also supply waymarker posts, either with coloured banding, routed arrows or recesses to take disks.

Most of our fingerpost signs are manufactured in pressure-treated timber but we occasionally make them in oak and other materials such as aluminium or steel. Again, they are all made to order, so there is no set style or specification.  It all comes down to the needs of our clients and the sites where the signs are going to be located. Please get in touch for details.

Get in touch if you would like further information:

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