Signal Posts

Our signal posts have become very popular in recent years. They provide a wonderful solution for locations where discreet signage or interpretation would be preferable. Places where conventional installations might be too obtrusive.  They allow the content to remain hidden until users themselves choose to access the information provided.

They work perfectly along nature trails, as a platform for giving concise interpretive messages at the exact spot they are needed.  They can also be used very effectively for waymarking, with plenty of space to include small maps or additional route information.


And, because there is an element of interactivity to the signs, they work very well as a way of engaging children, in school grounds, visitor centres etc., as a component of an 'outdoor classroom'.  Our rubbing plaques can be attached to the posts to add to this experience.

We have manufactured signal posts in a variety of different styles.  They can be single or double sided.  Just a few examples are shown below.

Signal post
Signal sign side A
Signal sign side B

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