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Wooden Signs

It isn't too difficult to produce a sign which looks out of place in the countryside - you can see examples almost everywhere you go!  This is because most commercial signmakers tend to have set formats based around styles and materials which are mainly intended for use in an urban environment.  Very few have the capabilty to produce traditional wooden signs which look most at home in a rural environment.

Our extensive woodworking facilities allow us to produce all kinds of wooden signs from simple house signs to much larger and more elaborate installations - all of which look very much at home in rural locations because they are made from natural materials.

The majority of our wooden signs are produced in either oak, Douglas fir or larch.  They are all made to order so there are no set sizes or formats that we need to keep to. 


*N.B. Due to recent retirement and subsequent re-organisation, some of the products shown on our website may not currently be available.  Please contact us with any queries in this regard. Thank you.

Most often our wooden signs are treated with protective woodstain in order to increase their longevity. There is a range of translucent colours which allow the natural grain of the timber to show. 


Sometimes, however, the client prefers to have them painted in solid colours instead.  There is a very wide range of colours to choose from and RAL colours can be specially mixed when needed.


We generally try to keep to the Dulux Weathershield Aquatech range of water based wood stains and paints in order to avoid the use of solvents.  These generally give around 5 or 6 years of protection before ideally needing to be recoated.

We also produce more elaborate signs with routed and handpainted designs.  These are generally made for visitor attractions such as zoos and wildlife parks where they are looking eyecatching signage to attract visitors into their exhibits.

Get in touch if you would like further information:

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